What is web Hosting? - Why is it important?


What is Hosting? How to choose the best hosting?

What is a hosting server and how do I choose it?

Hosting is the provision of space for a constantly working computer connected to the Internet (called a server). In order for a website to work, the server must support it. If this computer is not working properly, the web page will be unavailable. For this reason, you should choose hosting offer with special attention.


The term closely related to hosting is the uptime, which is the percentage of failure time of the server, and thus the sites he supports. The correct uptime should be 99%, which means that if we look at our site for a certain amount of time, 99% of the time it will be displayed correctly.

Some hosting companies guarantee their uptime and return the money if the index falls below the declared value.

Price hosting and hosting free

Hosting prices range from several dozen to several hundred dollars a year. By choosing the cheapest option we will receive a service with poor parameters (see below) and low uptime. Even the most beautiful side can bring shame if it is not working or it takes too long to load.

Reasonable annual price range of hosting is from £30 to £250. Cheap offers are likely to cause problems, while more expensive ones are not worth the price.

Some companies also offer free hosting – this is a fatal departure. Free hosting are slow, limited in the amount of data sent (which in half of each day our site may stop functioning), and above all – annoying ads.

There are no good free or cheap hosting. Hosting is a very important service for the functioning of a web site and definitely should not be spared.

What are the different hosting options?

Depending on the complexity of your web site, you will have to choose a hosting provider that supports the right technologies. The requirements in this regard are quite standard nowadays – just be aware that the offer includes PHP and MySQL technologies. Be sure to ask the company that created the page for you, whether that is enough.

Hosting also has storage limits (given in MB (megabytes) or GB (gigabytes, 1GB is about 1000MB). For a typical website, you only need 200MB of storage space, but if you plan on posting lots of pictures or videos, you should choose an offer that has a few GB.

The last significant parameter is the transfer. Transfer is the amount of data that can be transferred from the server to the Internet users. For example: the image occupies 1MB and is sent to 2 web surfers. The generated transfer rate is 2 x 1MB, which is 2MB.

For a typical web page, the value of the transfer should not exceed 20GB per month, however, the safe limit is 40GB.

What to look for when choosing a hosting deal?

In addition to the above features, you need to make sure that when you reach the limit of storage or transfer, our site will shut down and will not automatically serve Internet users, thereby exceeding the limit for what we will pay the penalty. So read the agreement, and if this is not clear – ask the hosting company about this case. If such practices are included in the terms of the agreement, it is best to change the hosting company to a more professional one. First of all, let’s choose the hosting limit, which we are not even close to – the prices are the same, just find the right offer.

What’s next? How to connect web hosting with a domain?

Hosting works immediately after purchase, however, a web domain is also required to operate the site. In order for the domain to be directed to the right website ( your hosting), it must be linked to it via the so called. DNS server. However, the company that makes up your web site will do the job. Your domain will start displaying the site within 48 hours of linking it to the hosting (this is the so-called domain propagation time on the Internet).

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