What is Native ad?


“It does not have to be perfect, all you need is good” – in these words you can define the correct advertising campaign. Everyone knows that perfect advertising does not exist, because we will never match the content to each of the recipients. Suddenly, however, the idea of ​​native advertising, which speaks of ‘ideally tailored content’, appeared quite silently, out of the blue. What the hell is going on and how is it? It’s time to answer clearly what native advertising is.

Today, it is impossible to determine precisely when the native ad appeared for the first time. It occurs in many forms and it is highly probable that it was already present in many advertising campaigns before it was strictly named. Its “popularity” has grown rapidly in response to users’ behavior and change of Google algorithms.

Why did you get loud about the native ad?

Banner advertising ceased to make sense. The total number of downloads of Adblock is over 310 million. The data available on the extension page for the Firefox browser shows that the number of Adblock Plus users is an average of 20 million.
Standard sponsored content is bypassed by users, and their content is intrusive, and for some even “unpalatable”.
Google has changed the search algorithm by putting quality on content. In the case of native advertising, it has a huge meaning, because it is also part of content marketing.
If you were to ask the average user what an ideal advertisement should be, this one would probably answer that it can not be intrusive, it should be gently fitted into the content, suggesting and not encouraging to buy. This is the native ad.
Native ad – what it is

There is no explicit, book definition of native advertising, which is why we have tried to define it transparently.

Native advertising is a kind of paid advertising content, expressed in the form of standard text, graphics, photos, social media entries, product placement, video content or CAPTCHA, which aims to draw the user’s attention to a given product or service, but in a delicate, balanced, subtle way way, and the whole – wanting to meet the definition of native advertising – should ideally fit into the layout of the page where the content being promoted is published and interacts with the content in its entirety. The goal of native advertising – along with content promotion – is to minimize our sense of discomfort when using websites and websites.

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