Whai is Logo? - Why is it important?


The logo is used primarily to identify a specific company, organization or brand, so the main purpose of the logo is to help distinguish one brand from the other. Since the dawn of time, people have felt the need and willingness to emphasize their individual identity and to distinguish themselves from others. The main purposes of using the logo by the company, brand or organization:

differentiation from the competition, showing your individuality
the first step in building visual identity
directing the recipient’s thought to the main priorities of the company, brand, organization
In any case, the logo refers in some way to the company’s company, brand or organization it is to identify. An important point is the fact that the logo does not always have to, and in some cases it should not even refer directly to the subject’s activity. Going further along this line of reasoning, the logo may symbolize an idea only with its shape or with the induced mood (eg include mild or broken lines, or contain bright or subdued colors). However, it should always, even in a less obvious way, summarize the brand’s image, approach to the recipient or even the quality of the products.

When designing a logo, you can refer to many things in it – the company’s approach to a given topic, the quality of services or products offered, attitude to the recipient or the name itself – it does not always have to be a direct product or business activity. A good example of this thesis will be a logo (or rather a graphic sign that appears spontaneously may be called a logo, see incorrect naming) Apple, which does not refer to the computer created by the company, and is a graphic representation of the name.

The logo should evoke appropriate, strictly selected by the designer associations and evoke a specific mood, and if possible, motivate the desired response.

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