What is Domain? - Why is it important?


What is an Internet Domain? Where and how to buy a Domain? How much does it cost?

Are you planning a website for yourself or your company?

It will therefore be necessary to have an internet domain. You will find everything you need to know about this.

The Internet domain is the name of your website and e-mail address (eg, anything@yourdomain.com). If you enter a valid domain name into your browser’s address bar and press Enter, the page that the domain represents will open. For example: the page on which you are currently, has the domain of netiadesign.eu 

.Each web page must have its own domain in order to function properly on the Internet. One web page may have multiple domains (available under different names), but one domain only shows one page. This means that if someone previously registered (bought) a domain, then no other person can register it anymore (unless the registration period is not extended by the first owner).

Domain ends: global (international), national, local and functional

You know what a domain is. It is always composed of a string of characters (letters, numbers, underscores, minus signs) followed by a dot and a stop sign. There are a wide selection of endnotes (they only differ in wording), but it is best to use the most popular: com (typical for international sites), net (typical for international sites), co.uk (typical for sites in UK ), eu (typical for sites from European Union countries). In some cases, non-standard endings like tv or fm (such as the rmf.fm domain) are also useful.

As you can see there are global endings (ie international, com, eu), national (eg pl) and functional (eg .travel). .tv and .fm are not functional – they belong to the Tuvalu and Federated States of Micronesia respectively, but because of their sound they are used by different media. There are also regional endings (eg waw.pl for Warsaw), but they were not accepted because of illogical and long shortcuts.

How to choose a good domain name?

In practice it is best to try to register your company name with one of the above terminals (with an indication of pl and com). It is good practice to buy domains at the same time for all of the above popular extensions, because there are companies that can do it for us and then demand a high amount for the withdrawal. For example: We register the domain of mycompany.com, but mycompany.com is purchased several days later by another entity. If our company becomes international, you will want to buy a domain with the end of the com, which can cost us a lot.

Although domains may have Polish characters in their name (eg ą, ę, ³, ó, etc.), they are not commonly used. It is recommended to register and use domains without Polish “tail” (ie, instead of the previous letters, respectively: a, e, z o, etc.). Instead of space (space) we use the minus sign -. There can be no dot in the domain name (below). The size of the characters in the domain does not matter – we register the domain with all the small characters (eg netiadesign.eu), and it will also work with capital letters (eg NetiaDesign.eu).

What is subdomain? Do you use the www prefix?

Once you have purchased your domain, you will be able to create subdomains. The subdomain has the same properties as the domain. The only difference is that the subdomain ending is the whole domain name. For example: for domain onet.pl subdomain will be weather.onet.pl – just before the domain name you can add any string and connect it with it dot. Domain subdomains can only be created by the owner of this domain. The subdomain may point to a completely different page, for example, the address pl.youtube.com points to the Polish version of the site, while youtube.com – to English. Creating subdomains is completely free and unlimited.

Addresses of the form www.domain.com are therefore subdomains – enter the www prefix. It is not usually necessary – it is now going away from using it. When registering a domain we forget about it completely, and if we want our website to be available not only at domain.com but also at www.domena.com, we would like to ask a company that creates a website for us to do such a subdomain.

How much does it cost an internet domain? Where and how to buy a domain?

The price of the domain depends on the selected tip and the offer of the domain registrar. Often, these companies make a discount for the first year – the domain must be renewed every year (like car insurance).

Domestic terminals like pl, cost about £20 per year, whereas global domains like com or eu – about £30 per year.

The domain should be bought by a trustworthy registrar who will not introduce itself into the global database as the owner, but the actual buyer (ie us).

What’s next? How to connect domain with hosting?

In order for a domain to be directed to the right website (ie your hosting), it needs to be linked to it by means of so called. DNS server. However, the company that makes up your web site will do the job. Your domain will start displaying the site within 48 hours of linking it to the hosting (this is the so-called domain propagation time on the Internet).

We hope you know what this domain is, thanks to this explanation.

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