What is Video Marketing?


One of the key factors that determine the success of sales is the impact on human emotions. Marketers have been using this phenomenon in advertising for years. And what works better on the recipient’s imagination and engages him to interact than the film that catches the attention? Video marketing is a trend that is developing dynamically in the era of social media.

The power of video marketing

Why is it worth being interested in video marketing and investing in video processing programs? A well-prepared and well thought-out film production, regardless of whether it is an advertising spot or a promotional film, arouses emotions and is memorable to the recipients. We all know viral movies that have become the subject of lively social media discussions. Video marketing also engages in smaller financial resources than traditional TV commercials, it is also better profiled – we focus on a selected group of customers that may be potentially interested in our services.

Video marketing and social media

According to a report prepared by Offon Agency, as many as 57% of respondents who used video marketing believe that this is the best form of communication with the client. And although companies still identify video productions with purely image activities, they are slowly realizing that they can also bring tangible sales results. It’s worth using the potential of social media for this. The most popular social media channels in which videos are uploaded are YouTube and Facebook. Noteworthy are Snapchat, Twitter, Vine or Periscope.

Software and video tools

The power of video marketing is the unlimited possibilities provided by film material. Even a short story told in an interesting way and assembled on a professional program can be met with favorable reception of Internet users who will share video on. It generates profits and increases the visibility of the company in the network. When choosing equipment for film processing, it is worth paying attention to the ability to save files for social media, intuitive operation, live transmission option, compatibility with other software (eg applications that edit photos or create special effects). The program must also prepare films in most popular formats and HD quality. The contemporary recipient is very demanding, so it is worth investing in the highest quality.

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