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We have a very good news! Positioning does not require huge resources, graduation, expensive tools. Year by year becomes an increasingly natural process, consistent with the actions taken for the movement, not art itself.

Always the most secure solution is to employ a good SEO agency. However, for many reasons, companies decide on self-positioning or simply want to understand what’s going on.
This guide was created for people who:
They begin the adventure with positioning
They want to position their own websites
They like to know more about the services they commission.
Education in SEO is worth starting with an article: what is web site positioning, then rethink the topic of keyword selection and page optimization. The next step is to get to know and configure the tools: Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
If our company is local, we recommend the text of local positioning. For all companies, it is important to have an initial link and a monthly link – especially with the use of a variety of SEO tools.
The only thing we recommend to outsource at every stage is a seo audit. Have a nice read!

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